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Ian Wilson-Navarro

The man behind the lens.

My name is Ian Wilson-Navarro and I'm a self-taught outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer from Key Largo, Florida. Born to a Nicaraguan mother and an American father I've been fortunate enough to have access to a unique blend of cultures and lifestyles between here in the United States and Central America which has, in turn, stimulated my love for travel and the visual arts. After graduating from high school I decided I didn't want to pursue college immediately and instead decided to take a couple years off with hopes that I might stumble across a passion that I could pursue as a career. About a year in, photography revealed itself to me as that interest and has since been the main focus in my life.

Summer of 2016, I landed a dream gig interning for professional surf photographer Mark McInnis who was based in the Pacific Northwest. I spent that summer learning the ropes of the business and just sponging up everything I possibly could from Mark. 

That internship has since blossomed into an assistant position and over the course of 2017-18, I was fortunate enough to travel with Mark to places like Costa Rica, Oregon, Mexico, New Mexico, and Spain, all for work to shoot a range of things but mostly commercial fashion for brands such as Prana, Body Glove, Eidon Swim and The Four Seasons. 

I am still based out of the Florida Keys and am currently working towards my goals of shooting campaigns for outdoor adventure and lifestyle brands as well as collaborating with those same brands on projects that focus on the importance of environmental conservation (Specifically ocean conservation as that’s where my heart lies).

With a main focus on lifestyle and adventure, my work is a reflection of the passions in my life and is layered with landscape, lifestyle, sport and the personalities that find meaning from the same sources. 

Interested in working together? Send me an email at info@ianwilsonmedia.com